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Independent Communications & Infrastructure Configuration Consultancy

Delivering the best view of your assets

Our focus is to enable our customers to have a more accurate understanding of their cabling infrastructure and all of the attached bells and whistles, be it in an office block, Data Centre, Campus or even countrywide.


Now Here’s a Few Questions

• Do you actually know where your assets are located?

• Do you know how they all network together?

• Do you know how many ports are available?

• Do you have sufficient space, power, cooling and network connectivity to provide for the company needs for the next 6 months?

• When equipment failure occurs – which users, services and business processes are impacted and what options do you have to resolve the issue?

• What under-utilized passive infrastructure do you have?

• Who will scream if I take this cable out?

• What changes on the network happened last week / month / year?

• What is going to happen in the future – project planning?


I suspect there are not many companies or individuals that can answer all of these questions and even if there are some clever people with all of that local knowledge safely tucked away, what would happen if they were unavailable for any reason.


What Is The Solution?






GVC Services

  • Infrastructure configuration and documentation specialists.
  • Technical audits
  • Project delivery
  • Installation assessment
  • Commissioning
  • Technical specifications




Passive Infrastructure

We will help you understand and consistently document your network infrastructure.

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Project Delivery

Let our Experienced Project Managers help deliver your project to a successful conclusion.

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