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Independent Communications & Infrastructure Configuration Consultancy

Delivering the best view of your assets

Recent studies have indicated that although there are more ‘qualified’ project managers than ever, there has been no significant improvement in the number of successful projects being run.

KPMG NZ – Project Management Survey 2017 “Driving Business Performance”


At GVC we believe this is a result of those seeking the perfect process, without realising they operate in an imperfect world that requires flexibility and consideration. That’s why you’ll hear us talk about Project Delivery, not Project Management.

Our Project Delivery Managers understand that the successful delivery of projects isn’t about guessing, nor is it about blindly following process; it’s about teamwork, business comprehension, having a vision of the project delivery lifecycle and implementing just enough governance, not just blind management.



GVC Services

  • Infrastructure configuration and documentation specialists.
  • Technical audits
  • Project delivery
  • Installation assessment
  • Commissioning
  • Technical specifications



Passive Infrastructure

We will help you understand and consistently document your network infrastructure.

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Project Delivery

Let our Experienced Project Managers help deliver your project to a successful conclusion.

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