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Independent Communications & Infrastructure Configuration Consultancy

Delivering the best view of your assets

If there is frustration caused by a lack of accurate, supported knowledge of the IT infrastructure, coupled with the inability to confidently predict costs, risk, capacity, or the impact of component failure – then this Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) technology will help you. The AssetGen range provides the detailed cross-platform knowledge base needed by infrastructure and service delivery teams, complementing existing device monitoring tools and service desks.


AssetGen Connect

AssetGen Connect documents the physical infrastructure, including data centres, IT assets, fixed infrastructure, connectivity and workflow. Combining Visio visualization with space, power, cabling, networks, servers, storage, firewalls and technologies within one system makes it easy to plan, build, operate and manage the technical infrastructure.




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AssetGen SysMap

AssetGen SysMap analyses and maps how services are delivered, enabling change planning, operational controls and improved service reporting. Visio service maps can be created on demand, with change, incident and other data overlaid for fast identification of problem root causes. Typically focused on critical systems, it does not require all aspects of IT to be documented before it delivers benefits.




For a Quick Tour of AssetGen SysMap, click on the picture below.




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  • Technical audits
  • Project delivery
  • Installation assessment
  • Commissioning
  • Technical specifications

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